The aim of this blog site is to share our learning and collaborate with others within the community and across the world!

If you are in the STEM professions and would like to share your work to help inspire the children please contact the school office and leave a message for the science coordinator for more information.


Brambleside Community Primary School first registered with Eco-Schools in 2003 and were awarded their first green flag in 2005.  Since then the prestigous green flag has been awarded every 2 years until 2011. Following all these years of environmental projects, linking with other schools, raising money for worthy charities and developing new activities and lessons to promote environmental education in 2012 and in 2014 Brambleside School was awarded an ambassador role with ‘Learning Outside The Classroom‘ as a specialism.  Although we no longer participate in this programme in 2018 we must strive to apply all the very valuable lessons this programme taught us.

Eco-schools is an international award programme that engages children in fun, action-orientated learning in their local communities and beyond.  Pupils are the driving force as they form an eco-committee and help to carry out an audit to assess the Environmental performance of the school. There are 9 Eco-Schools England topics – Energy, water, waste, biodiversity, healthy living, Global Citizenship, litter, transport and school grounds.  For more information and a great source of resources to support your eco projects view  Eco-Schools England and The Pod

3 responses to “Home

  1. On behalf of Aspen Class

    We loved when we ran around and counted our heart rate! it was really fun!

  2. On behalf of Aspen Class

    i like leaning outside because it is fun to see the plants have grown…i also like working inside because sometimes e do games … science is fun.

  3. what are you planting in your garden?

    -owen penner

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