Monthly Archives: December 2017

Winter Peas, Beans and Oats

Sowing our winter seed and grain was our priority tonight. One last push to get all our plots prepared for growing these early crops. It will be very interesting to see how they cope over the winter months. Last year the bean seedling we planted in September did extremely well, flowering early spring and producing beans many months earlier than the beans planted in Spring.

We hope to continue the great work put into Gardening club last year and repeat the range of interesting fruit, vegetables and grains!


Sorghum Success

It’s been an amazing surprise to discover that the Sorghum seeds that germinated at Brambleside school have successfully grown into healthy mature Sorghum plants bearing large seed heads! This crop is usually a source of grain in hot and dry parts of the world where other cereal crops cannot survive. It’s come as a real surprise to see them do so well in a sheltered sandy soil in another Northamptonshire primary school.

We feel real inspired to investigate this further next year by growing them in containers outside containing different types of soil.

white Sorghum bearing many seed heads which we will attempt to grow next year.