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Outdoor Fairytales

Growing a variety of grains and seeds in the garden and in pots in classrooms to make bowls of porridge, carriages fit for a princess, beanstalks to climb and loaves of bread for hens will be some of the outdoors challenges for RGB and RSS this year!

Let’s hope we have some crops to show the farmers when we welcome the National Farming Union ‘Discovery Barn’ and team back to school again in April.

The A’maize’ing Mayan Garden Gods

Inspired by our topic in history, some members of class 5KC, are creating outdoor fact files to add interest to the plots of crops that are planned for our school garden.  Popular choices for the garden were Chac, the Maya god of rain, lightning, and storms (important for providing the rain for our crops) and The Maize God who was important because

the diet of the Maya was 80% maize and they relied on the harvest being successful.



Researching our fact files for our outdoor posters.

The Oats Are Here!

Members of the school Gardening club are excited to discover that the Oats they sowed last November have finally germinated. We look forward to linking our plants to traditional tales. How many can you think of that involve eating and cooking Oats?

KS1 and very keen to start exploring outdoors and care for these plants and bears and magic pots spring to their mind!

Our 5 Senses on the Farm!

A special lesson of a farming theme certainly excited the Year 2 children lucky enough to trial one of the NFU’s new Science lessons today.

Children were treated to the farmyard sounds, tastes, textures, sights and smells in a carousel of activities.

Sorghum Success

It’s been an amazing surprise to discover that the Sorghum seeds that germinated at Brambleside school have successfully grown into healthy mature Sorghum plants bearing large seed heads! This crop is usually a source of grain in hot and dry parts of the world where other cereal crops cannot survive. It’s come as a real surprise to see them do so well in a sheltered sandy soil in another Northamptonshire primary school.

We feel real inspired to investigate this further next year by growing them in containers outside containing different types of soil.

white Sorghum bearing many seed heads which we will attempt to grow next year.

Harvest Time For Gardening Group One

Thank you to all turning up and working so hard last night.  it was fun harvesting the fruits and seed pods of The ‘3 American Sisters’.  We were fascinated by the beautiful runner beans and the size some of these beans grew.  We definitely want to investigate if bigger seeds produce bigger plants and more beans next year.

Digging the plots and raking up many sacks of Autumn leaves was very rewarding too.




Data, Data, Data! 

Learning how to gather it, present it, interpret it and report it is on the cards for children throughout the school this term as they explore many questions including the best material to keep a harvest mouse’s nest warm (year 2)  and hot drinks the warmest over time.  

Learning how to use data loggers and plotting results from our enquiries on Excel spreadsheets really does make the measurements and analysis of our results so much easier.