Science Through Traditional Tales – The 3 Camping Pigs and The Magic Porage Pot! 

Learning chemistry and researching the properties of different materials is really helping the 3 Little Pigs who are going on holiday and need a strong waterproof tent.  Year 1 have been busy exploring and testing many materials to discover the most suitable one for camping with.

Learning to test and record their results in scientific table helped keep us organised and remind us of the best materials to use.  It was fun getting wet as we investigated the most suitable one!
We discovered much more on further research of materials and their properties.

This Meccano model demonstrates that metal is a very strong material.

Our new team science books are helping us to work scientifically outdoors

Materials Treasure Hunt. How many different materials can you discover outdoors?

Reassured that our metal fence is strong and fit for its purpose.

1MT discovering that metal was the only magnetic material in their tests.

Several materials could float. Many were surprised that wood was so buoyant.

Testing hardness, magnetism, buoyancy, stretch and waterproofness.

Classification- learning to record our results into a simple Venn Diagram makes it so much easier to record our results as we test and sort out the materials.

Working hard and recording our results as we go along soon helps us build up a picture of how there are far more non-stretchy materials compared to stretchy materials in our classroom.

We are looking forward to learning more about the traditional story of The Magic Porage pot and designing a suitable pot made with the right materials.  We are planning to crop a plot of oats this year and learning more about the life cycle of oats and the tasty nutritious food that can be made from this crop.

Linking With Others Overseas…

We are very excited at the opportunity to learn traditional tales from other countries through inking with children and their teachers to share our traditional tales and experiments with farming crops linked to these stories is something we are very excited to do.  Children from Ukraine are some of the first to get onboard with this scientific traditional tales quest…


Please reply to our blog below if promoting learning traditional tales and experiencing gardening and farming through stories outside the classroom is something you are keen to work on with us.

One response to “Science Through Traditional Tales – The 3 Camping Pigs and The Magic Porage Pot! 

  1. Nataliya Kazachkova

    Hello Brambleside,

    Your work is great! I think it is really useful for the little ones to do their first steps to Research.

    With hope to collaborate with you!

    Kharkiv and class.

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