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Thinking of Others at Christmas

A huge thanks to The Friends of Brambleside for all their hard work to make today ‘s Christmas Fair such a great success.

For the eco stall,  children throughout the school thought about the charities they would like to support this Christmas so that the proceeds from the stall can be shared out to go towards these organisations throughout the year ahead.  Several of our eco colleagues were very willing to help us out with donations of prizes and items to sell.


Many thanks to Fay and family from Rectory farm for their great generosity, the eco team thought the wild bird food made fantastic prizes. For more information or to buy this seed at the farm gate see

Thanks also to the NFU, Market Harborough Team and all those who made items and contributed to our bumper collection of prizes for these worthy causes.

Finally, the eco team have chosen Riding For The Disabled as the charity benefiting from the nearly new uniform takings next term.


riding disabled

The nearly new uniform is located near the Nourish Pod at the rear entrance to the hall and is paid at the office.  All proceeds in Spring Term will go towards The Riding For Disabled.

Caramel Slithers By

Caramel, a beautiful Corn snake, had a very busy afternoon visiting 6 classes across the school last week.  It was amazing learning about Caramel’s life and finding out many things including; she has 29 brothers and sisters, she hatched from an egg, she like to eat 2 mice for her dinner and that she likes to swim.  She relies on her pointed tongue to help her sense the environment around her.


snake tongue

We were amazed to discover that snakes use their tongues to smell! Snakes have nostrils, just like humans. But a snake’s tongue is also very important to ‘smell’.  When Caramel flicks her tongue in the air, it picks up tiny chemical particles. We found out that she then brings her tongue back into her mouth where it fits into a special organ on the roof of the mouth that takes the chemical particles and tells Caramel what they are. This way Caramel “smells” things like dirt, plants and other animals. In the wild this can help a snake avoid predators or help the snake catch food.