A Day On The Track

Year 4 discovered a lot more about engineering when Mr Robinson took time off the track to talk about his exciting work with Formula One recently.  The children were so interested to hear about his action packed career which takes him all over the world.
Every child was invited to ask questions and offered the opportunity to look at his very special photos including the famous drivers he works with.  They also enjoyed inspecting the technical equipment that has been carefully designed to keep the drivers as safe as possible when driving at very high speed.
One of the highlights of Mr Robinson’s talk was hearing all about his team’s WORLD record breaking pit stop time of 2.05 SECONDS which earned them a prestigious place in the Guinness book of Records. A complete tyre change in the blink of an eye seems unimaginable – the class agreed this is definitely teamwork at it’s best!
IMG_38711 (1)
It’s great to hear from Mr Robinson and recent news from the government that there is an increasing number of Science apprenticeships on offer for young people nowadays.  More details about this work place based route into a STEM career can be found on the government’s website listed below.
The children are always very enthusiastic to hear from parents/carers with scientific careers to find out more about the appliance of Science.
Please email stem@bramblesideacademytrust.co.uk if you would like to showcase your career and inspire others.
For more information about government apprenticeships see https://www.getingofar.gov.uk/

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