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From Seed to Seed

Year 2 couldn’t wait to sow the seeds from last Year’s fruit.  Learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin and observing different Spring flowers from the garden helped us understand more about the function of the different plant parts.

Brambleside Signs of Spring

Newts, tadpoles and dragonfly nymphs in the pond, apple and cherry blossom bursting from their buds, beans and strawberries in flower, carpets of wild garlic and beautiful banks of bluebells and forget-me-nots…. What changes in our school grounds, pond and gardens do you see?

Sown by Year 5 last September when they built our African Keyhole garden, our beans survived the winter and are doing very well

Moved from Foundation Stage after their garden was replaced with seating, our Strawberries are thriving in their new home. Hopefully the flowers will produce some fruit!

Safe and sound -a dragonfly nymph caught up in the blanket weed will be returned back to the water where it belongs.  Dragonfly nymphs are aquatic for a few years before they develop and emerge from the water as an adult dragonfly

Closely observing this fascinating reptile before returning it back to the pond

Who is living in the pond? Wriggling tails looking very much like mini dinosaurs, it’s so exciting to see the pond newts again.

Our Kamut whaet is by far the most successful cereal this year.

Wild garlic in full bloom


Apple Blossom

Waiting for pollinating insects. ┬ácan you see the stamens (male part with the pollen) and the carpels (female part in the middle of the flower with the sticky stigma to ‘catch’ the pollen)

Gardening Team 3 meets the ‘3 American Sisters’

In their first session Gardening club 3 enjoyed learning all about traditional companion planting and learning about the 3 American Sisters.  Beans, sweetcorn and pumpkins have been germinated indoors for 2 weeks and will now hopefully survive the colder conditions under polythene tunnels until the weather is warmer.

It was very interesting to look at the roots and leaves to compare how different the plants looked.

Ready for planting…

Preparing the soil for our seedlings!