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There’s Still Room For More!

P1120841Another fun and action packed session at Kettering Buccleuch Academy last night and there’s still room for a few more riders in both the Advanced and Introduction groups.  We cater for all abilities from 7 to 17 years, competitive or non-competitive.  All you need is a bike in good working order, helmet, plenty to drink and enthusiasm for cycling on grass in ALL types of weather!


Gardens in a Box!

The gardening club were getting really eco tonight by learning how to grow a range of fruit, vegetables, flowers and trees in old plastic boxes and old recycled containers!

In gardening club we have discovered that as long as the plants are provided with a container with good drainage (holes in the bottom of the container or the container is lined with broken bricks or stones or torn up polystyrene blocks etc) and everything they need to grow (water, sun, nutrients and a substance for their roots to anchor to) they will more than likely survive.


Learning how to dead head Daffodils. Children found out its important to leave the leaves for a while because they need more time to make food in them (photosynthesis) for next year’s bulbs.


Inspecting our potatoes growing in their boxes. They need topping up with compost as the plants grow.


Our beautiful apple blossom will soon be producing fruit!


Forget me nots in the wild flower garden in full bloom


Beautiful Bluebells


Carefully transplanting our sturdy sunflower seedlings!

A bumper crop of sunflower seedlings waiting for a home!

A bumper crop of sunflower seedlings waiting for a home!


Learning all about the role of the roots, stems and leaves. Children discovered that the seedling roots need to be long to absorb water and hold the plant securely in the soil.


Rhubarb for tea!

More inspiration for growing without big garden plots from our own gardens below…Lots of blueberry bushes together and some in a barrel, a cheery tree laden with blossom which produces nice juicy cherries, herbs (rosemary & bay), pine berries growing in the trough (produces berries that look like mini white strawberries), lettuce leaves in a trough, old drinks bottles and trays, gooseberry bushes in old bins, trees and hollyhocks  in pots and strawberries growing in a tiered planter.

We’d love to hear of any unusual and creative places you grow your food, please reply below (no names required, just ideas).

Pots 003


Pots 002



Cress, corriander and lettuce




Gooseberries and Blackberries



Pots 008


Pots 007


Pots 006


Pots 005

Rosemary and a Bay Tree




A mobile garden for the dogs! A deciduous tree and Hollyhock

Year 1 Get Growing

Brambleside Orchard area June 2013

Year 1 have been rolling up their sleeves and enjoying their very own plot of land to grow their own produce.  They are very much looking forward to showing their garden to Johnny and The Farming Road Show team who are visiting school  next term.



Wishing for a wildflower meadow like this one!



Pine class have worked very hard to prepare this ground for their Broccoli seedlings


Young Sunflower Seedlings will need lots of water and tender loving care!


Looking forward to learning all about British farming and where our food comes from…


Oil Seed Rape, Barley, Oats and Wheat – What are they used for? How many different products can you name?



Wow!   Year 2 are clearly loving their new topic Shelter topic which has got off to a flying start in the Story Den.  Their challenge involved exploring different materials to see which one makes the most effective shelter.  There were lots of imaginative ideas and great fun was had by all.

IMG_7654 IMG_7653 IMG_7652 IMG_7651 IMG_7650 IMG_7644 IMG_7642 IMG_7640

Mad Science!

At last after a year off Mad Science have returned back to Brambleside to deliver more fantastic sessions after school on a Tuesday.  Sessions will begin on Tuesday 9th June.

Letters were sent home following the assembly with the information that all bookings and payments are taken by Mad Science East Midlands Office, please see their website for more information on how to sign up.

Children from Year 1 to Year 6 are invited and the limited places are signed up on a first come first served basis so sign up now!  P1120554 P1120571

Gardening Fun in The Sun!

The sun was out, the young tadpoles are settling in nicely into their new temporary home and gardening group number 3 couldn’t wait to make the most of it all and get started.  There was lots to do!

P1120600 P1120581 P1120584 P1120585 P1120590 P1120594 P1120595 P1120596 P1120598

Washing those germs away with lots of soap and water at the end of gardening is really important .

The sensational sunflower seedlings were all for free! Five large trays of seedlings germinated very quickly over the Easter holidays ready for us to plant out.

What goes around certainly does come around again. It will be exciting to watch these develop into big healthy sunflowers to line our fence. They will need lots of sun , water and tender loving care though.

If you are in year 3 or above and can spare a few minutes of your playtime then please add your name to the water monitoring rota on the school eco board in the main entrance area.

Those sunflowers will need you!

Tiny Tadpoles

Mesmorising tiny tadpoles have hatched from the frog spawn over the Easter Break.  The new nature table tank complete with pump, pond plants and gravel will make the perfect observation station until they develop their legs.  I wonder how long that will take?  Watch this space!

tad ta tadpole1