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Do The Plants In Portland Look Like Ours?

Year 2 are very excited to be linking up with new friends all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in Portland, Oregon in North West America to compare some of the plants that are growing in our gardens.

images (3)

This is what we discovered yesterday when examining some of our plants.

Can you help us with our research?

Are Daffodils also flowering in Portland at the moment?  What temperature is it over there at the moment and what is the weather like?

Where we are it is cloudy and windy with a temperature of 2 degrees Celcius.  It has been very wet here lately and many of our public parks are very waterlogged.

We enjoyed learning about the different parts of the plants and what they do through games and websites on our laptops.

Next week we look forward to growing different seeds in different conditions to find out what they need to germinate and grow into healthy plants.

Love Cycling?

cycling use3Whether you’re very competitive and love to race or an absolute beginner who has just manged to pedal then Kettering Cyclones Youth Cycling Club has something for you!

We have an action packed timetable just posted up on our club calendar with something for everyone. All our events are delivered by British Cycling qualified coaches on traffic free sites.  We are a quality assured Sports Mark club affiliated to the British Cycling Go-Ride Scheme.

Our training nights are on Monday from 7.00-8.00pm (delivered under floodlights in the winter) and alternate weekly between Kettering Buccleuch Academy and Rothwell Recreational Ground throughout the whole year.

For more details see our webpage and club calendar (above) for full details of our local Go-Ride races (4 rounds) which will be held at beautiful venues around the county.  This year we also look forward to our mid-week Go-Ride races which will be held at Rockingham Speedway (3 rounds).

For more details of The Cyclones see





Harvesting Our Beans

Isn’t it amazing how one small seed can produce so many more several months later!  That’s what amazed the eco team today when we were harvesting last year’s bean plants and preparing our garden for the farmers who will be visiting us next term to help us grow interesting crops!P1040324

I wonder what crop the farmers will be helping us to sow next term…


What did the Little Hen grow and what did she make with it? Year 2 will investigate next term…


Daffodils in February?

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch…

lighthouse keepers lunch

Poor Mr Grinling will go hungry without his basket of food.  Year 2 have been set the challenge to learn about the different food groups so that they can plan a very tasty and balanced meal to keep him strong and healthy.



The Bird Seed Has All Gone!

3 weeks after filling the large feeders with more than 1kg of seed it has been reported by many keen birdwatchers that the seed has all been eaten!  Did the birds prefer the more expensive black Nyger seed?  Were the same birds eating the different types of seed?

Its time for the year 2’s to become detectives, get their clipboards out and do a careful study to find out the mystery of the missing seed…

3 weeks ago and now its all gone…


Year 2’s are asking to do a survey to solve the mystery of the missing seed.  They plan to record the amount eaten by reading the ‘scale’ marked on the bottles.  The bottles have been callibrated by measuring known amounts of seed into the bottles and marked in 100g incriments.  I wonder how long it takes for the birds to eat their way through 1kg of seed.  Lets find out…


2nd February =0 DAF (Days after feeding).  Lets monitor how much they eat…