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Off to a Flying Start…

Kettering Cycling Club’s Youth Go-Ride Programme got off to a flying start yesterday which was helped by the beautiful sunshine and the perfect multi-aspect and terrain offered by the Recreation Ground behind Rothwell Community Centre.



P1080383P1080388These first 2 sessions, delivered by Mark Evans and assisted by Evelyn Clawson and Malc Jones, were aimed to develop the riders cornering, climbing and descending skills.  It is the plan that these sessions will become a regular feature of the club and will involve opportunities for competing in local off-road competitions in the near future.

Regular turbo training sessions for youths and their families will begin on Tuesday 4th November at 7.00-8.30pm at Rothwell Community Centre through to the end of February to help with that winter training!  More details and booking arrangements to follow on the Kettering Cycling Club website.

Go-Ride Cycling Holiday Event – Changes

Due to lack of interest in the events scheduled for Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th October they have been altered.  The regional coach will no longer be leading the session on Monday and it has been cancelled, however the Tuesday session will still go ahead and will be led and assisted by British Cycling qualified coaches from Kettering Cycling Club.  The timing of this event will remain as before, pay on the day and book in advance via Evelyn Clawson ( if possible to give us advance notice of numbers.  More details on the flyer Go-Ride October Half term014

Family Bulb Planting Day

It was fantastic to see members of staff from Kettering Borough Council turn up to help dig holes and support our family bulb planting event yesterday.  Bags of Spring bulbs were generously donated to the children through the council’s annual Operation Spring Bloom.


Family Bulb Planting Day 2014



Family Bulb Planting Day 2013

Beautiful Beans


Aspen and Beech classes enjoyed learning about flowering plant life cycles when they searched the gardens for clues to learn more about the different stages including GERMINATION,  POLLINATION, and SEED DISPERSAL.  There was many examples around – poppy pepperpots, sweetcorn cobs, enormous sunflower heads bursting with seeds, decaying tomatoes, onion flowers and the most beautiful pink beans from the green bean pods.

P1080308 P1080316 P1080314 P1080299

Learning With Leaves!


Alfie’s group enjoyed learning with autumn leaves today to explore multiplication with the “Commutative Law” – where we can swap numbers over and still get the same answer.

2 groups of 4 equals 4 groups of 2…

Commutative Law multiplication


Our Sweet Peas are Germinating!

A growing root appears - after 2 weeks...

A growing root appears – after 2 weeks…

Inspecting our Sweet Pea seeds

Inspecting our Sweet Pea seeds

The gardening club were very keen to inspect our germinating Sweet Peas tonight and confirmed that they have officially germinated after seeing the first roots (radicles) appear.

The rest of our session tonight was dedicated to clearing up the autumn leaves from the small garden and paint the tree trunk for our ‘Nature Link’ Display area.


Clearing the autumn leaves up.


Engineering In Action

Year 6 – Inspired By Amazing Structures

FalkirkWheelkelpies_2748316bThe Falkirk Wheel – The world’s first and only rotating boat lift was designed and built to link the Forth and Clyde Canal, which lay 35m (115ft) below to the level of the Union Canal. Historically, the two canals had been joined at Falkirk by a flight of 11 locks. The various parts of The Falkirk Wheel were actually constructed and assembled, like one giant Meccano set in Derbyshire. A team there carefully assembled the 1,200 tonnes of steel, painstakingly fitting the pieces together to an accuracy of just 10 mm to ensure a perfect final fit. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of the woodlands (also featuring remains of Antonine’s wall) and the Ochil hills whilst going a short boat ride after experiencing the amazing boat lift and innovative feat of engineering first hand!

The Kelpies – The “Kelpies” (supernatural water horses in Celtic mythology) were created by the sculptor Andy Scott, who used traditional engineering methods to sculpt the 300-tonne horse heads. They are the world’s largest equine sculptures, standing 100ft above the Forth and Clyde canal, have taken the artist 8 years to create. They can be seen from the M9 motorway and are among the largest pieces of public art in the UK, standing almost a third taller than the Angel of the North sculpture at Gateshead.

For more information including timelapse videos of the construction visit The Kelpies website.

Inspired by these two amazing feats of engineering located in Falkirk, Central Region in Scotland, Year 6 embraced the challenge of designing and making models from Meccano and Lego. Here is what they came up with…


P1070445 P1070436 P1070444 P1070453 IMG_0800 IMG_0808 IMG_0809 IMG_0812 IMG_0813 IMG_0814 IMG_0816 IMG_0818 IMG_0821 IMG_0830

Brambleside is a registered as a Young Engineer’s school and is always willing to welcome volunteers, particularly STEM ambassadors who would like to offer advice and ideas for interesting activities and club events. Please contact school and leave a message for the Science Coordinator  if you are keen to become involved.