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Sunny Day with Crazy Hats and Dogs!

What a fantastic fund raising day in the beautiful Spring sunshine- the 13th Crazy Hats Charity Walk around Wicksteed Park in Kettering.

A team of school staff and families from school thoroughly enjoyed their laps around the park.  The recent landscaping includes many new features which include: beaches, natural play areas and a cordoned off paddling area within the lake making it all look fantastic.


A feat of engineering – the floating pontoon was very wobbly!


A feast fit for a king!


Visiting Scientists and Engineers & a Sensational Solar Eclipse!

WoW!  What a very special British Science week it’s been with several parents visiting to talk about their work in Science and Engineering and ending with the best eclipse of the sun for many years.  Thank you to all the visitors for taking time out to talk so enthusiastically about your careers.

Excellent footage of the eclipse can be viewed on a video filmed on the Faroe Islands which were plunged into darkness.


A projection of the eclipse inside the box How does this work? The sun shone through the window,then through a pair of binoculars which were attached to the box. The image of the eclipse was then projected onto a sheet of white paper inside the box


Inside the box – this was a very effective method!


A view from a classroom window as the moon begins to cover  the sun.


Viewing safely on live footage indoors – less adventurous but safe. Experts warn us that looking at direct sunlight can cause serious harm.

Letters to Johnny

At last the day has finally arrived, the letters to invite Johnny and The Farming Road show back into school have finally been put in the envelope.  Thank you to all the members of the school council and Eco team for writing these on behalf of the school.P1060376 P1060378 P1060380


Our Eco Chairperson writes the envelope at last!

Celebrating Science Week 2015 – The Northamptonshire Waste Education Bus Arrives


Surprise Soft Fruit Bushes

A mystery donation of 6 soft fruit bushes brightened our day and certainly helped put our knowledge of plants into good use.  Thank you very much to our very generous plant donor!  The plants will be well monitored and measured over the next few months…

P1110748 P1110749 P1110750 P1110752 P1110753 P1110756 P1110762

Signs of Spring – Frog Spawn in the Pond

There was great excitement this morning when the first frog spawn was spotted in the pond.  A small amount was carefully taken out for our new observation tank on the nature table.  It will be really exciting to watch the frog spawn change over the next few weeks.  Taking great care of the frog spawn is extremely important and all will be returned safely back into their home in the school pond at the end of our study.  How long do you think it will be before the tadpoles appear from the spawn?  Watch this space!P1110770


Science Week 2015 – Aspen & Beech Explore Raspberry Pi, Bridges and Meccano

Children enjoyed using Scratch to write codes with their recent Dragon Den inventions in mind today.  They also discovered that the Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer the size of a credit card, was invented and developed on our doorstep in Corby at  RS components.  More information and activities can be found on their website

Inspired by a video on the life of the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel children enjoyed building bridges and various different structures from Mecanno. P1110787 P1110788 P1110792 P1110794 P1110796 P1110797 P1110799 P1110801 P1110804 Imagination and creativity is certainly are promoted on the official Meccano website

Brunel was born in 1806. He lived at the time of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, Victoria became Britain’s queen in 1837. Brunel died in 1859 and was famous for building bridges, railways and the world’s biggest ship. Brunel showed the world what engineers could do.  Brunel’s work meant that people could travel and trade in a new way.

P1110685 P1110684 P1110695 P1110691 P1110693 P1110707

P1110724 P1110712 P1110710 P1110709 P1110687