Is it possible to make a loaf of bread from school grown wheat? 

In theory the answer is yes!  In reality the seed wasn’t clean enough for us to want to try it out. We calculated by counting the average number of grains and the number of wheat ears in a squared metre we have calculated 6 loaves of bread! using our measurements we have calculated that 1 squared metre of wheat makes approximately 1 loaf of bread!

Year 6 were surprised to discover the answer to the question we’ve been researching all year.  This and many more questions were enthusiastically answered by Lincolnshire farmer Heather Atkinson.  We were all fascinated to learn more about the crops and satellite technology that is become increasingly important on many farms to grow the crops we eat every day.

Our wheat is now 14 days old. The different soils are showing signs of having an effect on the wheat’s height. We are wondering if the flowers will appear soon?

Making flour from clean farm wheat grains. We calculated that the average number of grains in 1 ear of our school wheat is 29.

Some of the products that are made from the crops that grow on Heather’s farm.

Some flour is ground in old fashioned ways- water and wind power

Learning about robots, drones and satellite navigation to help steer the machinery and spray the crops was amazing.

If planet Earth was an apple this small bite represents the proportion we depend on to grow all of our food!   This made us all realise how important it is to care for our soil and research new ways to grow future food for our increasing population.  Heather really has inspired lots of very interesting questions for us all to research and investigate next year!


Thank you to the NFU for our great goody bags!

2 responses to “Is it possible to make a loaf of bread from school grown wheat? 

  1. Heather atkinson

    A great afternoon. Such an important subject taught and received with such
    Enthusiasm and passion. A real beacon for other schools. Heather.

  2. Thank you for this very inspirational visit and to the National Farming Union for supporting the visit with all those exciting goody bags! We look forward to growing some of the seeds from your crops next year…

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