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Brambleside Host the Latest County Eco Cluster Meeting

Thank you to all Eco-Schools leaders, Rachel, our Kettering Borough Council refuse and recycling Officer and Rachel and Rebecca from The Northamptonshire County Council Energy and Waste Education Team who visited our school recently to swap ideas and discuss events and opportunities for the year ahead.


All enjoyed sharing a guided tour of our school grounds, a game of eco bingo and a catch up on our news and plans for the year ahead.  more information about the great work the NWEET team do on…

At last we have found our 13th Eco Team!

The search is over, the international eco calendar, eco badges and folders are delivered  and the meetings have began.  Today’s welcome meeting highlighted an enthusiastic team bursting with great ideas for the year ahead.


Litter picking, saving energy, recycling and re using paper, improving our gardens, planting trees and soft fruit and raising money for worthy causes to help others – just a few of the ideas on our green wish lists today!


Save your old bottles! The Eco team have green ideas in mind!

The team will be split into 2 groups with the KS1 team meeting on the 1st Tuesday of every month and the KS2 team meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Occasionally both teams will meet together for special events.

All meetings will start at 12.40pm and take place in the Cook suite.

Year 2 Science on a Rocky Road!

Learning about materials and the science of food has never been so good for Year 2 when they took up their spoons and aprons to create their own delicious Rocky Road Recipes.

P1150169 P1150171

Year 2 have been learning about the uses and properties of different materials all term.  Special vocabulary to learn includes opaque, waterproof, transparent, absorbent, translucent and breakable to name a few.  Can you remember what these words mean and name any more?

It was also fun discovering that some materials can change when force is applied through twisting, squeezing, bending and coiling.  Can you work out what our pipe cleaner models are?


A spaceship!

P1150220 P1150225 P1150227

Finally, learning about boiling, freezing and melting and the reversible changes of the 3 states of water was tasty fun when making quick and easy flavoured ice…


Bee Friendly – Friends of Earth wildflower garden

P1150190 P1150194 P1150195 P1150204


The last gardening session for group 1 was very productive.  Digging and weeding and preparing a soil bed for wildflower seeds donated to the school by the great environmental organisation, Friends of The Earth, to help the bees.  Bees help produce 3/4 of our most vital crops but they’re under threat.  Hopefully our wildflowers will provide a very valuable source of nectar from very early spring until late winter.

Floodlit Fun!



Mark and the Cyclones enjoying the new club floodlights!

The Kettering Cyclone Youth Cyclones are still going strong despite the darker nights thanks to our new portable floodlights!  31 enthusiastic riders of all ages joined the atmospheric training session on Monday night at Kettering Buccleuch Academy, 7.00-8.00 pm.  Our next session is at Rothwell Recreation Ground at 7.00-8.00pm.

See the club calendar for more details of the times and venues.  If you would like to join in or volunteer your support to help sustain our rising membership please contact lead coach Mark Evans through our Cyclones Facebook page

Winter Pansy Pots



What a lovely surprise tonight when Merle cycled along to visit gardening club to share her love of gardening and help us plant up our winter pots and hanging baskets.  Gardeners worked extremely hard to plant up many pots and baskets to decorate the school entrance and brighten up the bare brick walls surrounding the staff room.

Funding for the beautiful flowers  was obtained from recycling our school uniform, many thanks to all who support our Nearly New School Uniform ‘shop’ (located opposite the back of the hall entrance, next to the Nourish Pod).

Our beautiful pots were planted up with Winter Pansies, White Cyclamen, Cineraria silver dust and Ivy.  More photos of the gardening team in action to follow.

The Search is on…


The search is on for our 10th school Eco Team to carry our green work forward for another year.  Children throughout the whole school have been learning more about the work and ideas of past eco teams in their Key Stage assemblies this week.

Past projects have included raising money for many charities, near and far, fundraising for guide dog pups, planning the school gardens and outdoors learning spaces, delivering community eco sessions including cycling, eco dogs and nature activities at local eco education centres, bringing farms and farmers onto our playgrounds, maths and reading with registered Pets As Therapy registered dogs and monitoring and trying to keep down the school energy use to name a few…

P1060848 P1060447 P1060808

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P1080740 P1080742 P1100014

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P1130649  P1140420 P1140412

More information can be found in our information letter in school bags this week, a copy can be found on the eco notice board in the main foyer.  Please return back your reply slip back to the school office no later than Friday 16th October if you are keen to join in this year’s team!