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Food For Thought – Miles in Our Meals…

Year 5 opened their lunch boxes and their minds yesterday in their daily maths lesson when they applied their problem solving skills to find how far their food has travelled to be with them.

P1140169 P1140170 P1140173 P1140176 P1140177

Following their research and comparison of results which ranged from very low mileage for those buying local to extremely high results for meals which containing exotic foods the class discussed food miles and the great benefits of The Fair Trade Foundation to ensure better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers all over the world.  There are over 1.4 million farmers and workers in 1,140 producer organisations across the Fairtrade system.  More details and how you can get involved to support the Foundation on:


searching for the Fair Trade logo in our lunch boxes…


Using an online food mile calculator Year 5 were amazed at the distance their food had travelled and the harmful  impact on the planet this would have had in terms of energy costs and pollution.  After much research and discussion the class were convinced without doubt that growing your own food and buying food locally from British farmers and local farmers’ markets is far kinder to the environment.

More details of a local Farmers’ markets and farm shops in the Kettering district can be found on:

Harvest Time!

Gardeners in Group 4 certainly discovered today that their gardening slot was well worth waiting for.  A bumper crop of new potatoes and fresh, juicy strawberries were ready for digging, picking and taking home to enjoy.


Nature’s hidden treasure!


Beautiful poppies.


Summer at last!


Happy with our harvest.

Gardening is fun!

Gardening is fun!

P1140181 P1140189 P1140196 P1140198

The Aviva Women’s Tour Comes To Kettering

At last the great day has arrived when a group of enthusiastic and excited children will be visiting Market Place in Kettering to see world class cyclists cross the finish line in stage 3 of The Aviva Wome’s Tour!

stage one tour

More details of the live updates of Woman’s tour and cycling opporunities and events for the public organised by Kettering Cycling Club can be found on their website


Winner of the logo and name ‘name the bike’ competition gets his C & D sponsored bike. Presented by Helen Wyman, 2x European & 9x British cyclo-cross champion


We saw Laura Trott, double Olympic champion and 5 x world champion, cross the line!


UCI 7 x Cyclo-cross world champion Marianne Vos signs for club member!


A great day of sport for national Empty Classroom day!


Happy with my prize!


The finish line in Market Square


Enjoying the race!


Free British Cycling youth coaching sessions have been enjoyed by members of the school over the past few months after setting up in Brambleside last winter.  Members of the eco team have helped support this over the past few months by writing an article in the Bugle, delivering a whole school assembly, making posters and promoting the ‘create a logo and a name the club’ competition.

Flying The Green Flag for Northamptonshire. Rachel and the NWEET team promoting green living and the many services and opportunities they provide

Flying The Green Flag for Northamptonshire. Rachel and the NWEET team promoting green living and the many services and opportunities they provide


Prize Cyclone Club member won Helen’s hat too!


Kettering Cycling Club more than 100 years ago


Recycling and upcycling old bikes! The local shops got intio the Tour spirit in an eco way.

P1140029 P1140030 P1140033 P1130886

The youth cycling club will be officially named later today when it is hoped that Helen Wyman, of the British cycling team will present the winner of the club with a prize donated by our sponsor, the Kettering Cycling Shop ,C & D Cycles.

club nights

New Nature Table Theme – Amazing Homes

Inspired by a beautiful nest found by Mrs Esselmont the theme for the nature table for the rest of the term will be ‘amazing homes’.

Please note that all these homes displayed have been abandoned and left empty.


Mrs Esselmont’s discovery – a beautifully made nest found in her garden and left abandoned

nets 4 nature2

Wow! What a wasp nest - found in an attic!

Wow! What a wasp nest – found in an attic!

nests 2

Home Sweet Home!

At last, 9 weeks later, the frogs return back to their natural home after a fascinating 9 weeks of close observation at Brambleside!

Children throughout the school spent some time this week saying goodbye to the lively hopping frogs before setting them free back in their original home this weekend.
It’s been a fascinating 9 week study with some of the most interesting observations involving the disappearance of the gills and the observation that the tadpoles which were put into a shallow tank outdoors did not reach metamorphosize!  At the same age the tadpoles in the tank developed into frogs those in an open air shallow tray didn’t develop any further than growing back legs.  Was that due to the warmer and lighter conditions in the aquarium?  Was it due to better nutrition in the tank?  Are the frogs in the outdoor tray being eaten by birds?  Post any idaes and further suggestions below!

Watch out for the predators!


new home

Froglets climb out and return back home when they are ready to leave their nursery tank…

Thank You NFU


The Eco Chairperson (2nd from Left) and secretary (Middle) and core members of the hard working and very productive eco team who coordinated all our school invitation letters to Johnny and the NFU

NFU team Brambleside

The eco team were extremely thankful today for all the great effort put in by Johnny and the NFU team and local farmers to bring some farming into the school.  Learning a wide range of things from farming cows, the many uses of Fay’s tractors (which had the same strength as 230 horses) to finding out more about how to grow crops and finding out where our food comes from. Did you know that vinegar is made from barley?

We are all  looking forward to searching out for the red tractor on the food labels to help support our fantastic British farmers!



Named in honour of the royal baby, Charlotte is only 2 weeks old!


Green Fuel – We discovered today that oil can be extracted from a variety of plants and converted into biodiesel to help reduce our carbon emissions. Johnny explained that Oilseed rape is one of the major biodiesel feedstocks in the UK.


Fay’s tractor has the strength of 230 horses!


Johnny’s Road Show gets under way!

A fascinating and exciting day to help us think more about the food that we eat and all the hard work and great care that goes into producing it!


Johnny Inspires Mental Maths in Laurel Class


Mrs Warren welcomes Charlotte to Brambleside Primary!

Inspired by their trip to the roadshow Laurel Class would like you to help them solve their farming problems…

1. If 1 of Fay’s  tractors cost £40,00, how much would she have to pay for 8?

2. If one of the farmer’s chickens lay 8 eggs in 1 week, how many eggs are laid by the chicken in a fortnight?

3. If Charlotte the calf weighs 100kg and the tractor weighs 4,000kg, how much heavier is the tractor compared with Charlotte?

4.  If 1 field of Oil Seed Rapes produces enough energy to take a family car 13,500 miles, how far could you travel with 6 fields of this eco fuel?

Can you remember any more of the fantastic facts Johnny told us and write a problem for us to solve?  Please post your answers below…