Monthly Archives: November 2017

Chemistry in The Classroom with Year 3 & 4

Why does good chocolate melt in your mouth? What is the gas produced when we added bicarbonate soda to vinegar? Children throughout year 3 & 4 have enjoyed measuring temperature with thermometers and found out data loggers make the job so much easier to monitor changes in a long experiment. Melting, freezing and boiling, it was very interesting exploring different materials to find out how they can be changed by heating and cooling them.

The recent snow and ice have also helped us to learn first hand about the water cycle and the processes of melting, freezing, condensation and evaporation.

What is the melting point of chocolate and butter? Using thermometers and data loggers to measure the temperature of the water baths.

Conducting Conductivity Investigations!

Upper keystage 2 have worked very well in their science teams to build electrical circuits to test 10 different materials for electrical conductivity.

We discovered that all the metals and carbon conducted electricity, wood, rubber, ceramic, glass and stone couldn’t.

Testing thermal conductivity of bubble wrap and tin foil took a lot more patience as temperature was measured every 15 minutes.



Fairytale Science – A carriage fit for a pumpkin

Not quite good enough for a Princess but strong and sturdy enough to carry a pumpkin from one end of our table to the other! That was the engineering challenge set for Year 5 today when learning about materials and their properties.  Name the material and describe the properties of that material that makes it fit for purpose.



Learning about synergy carts and how they work was fascinating and explained with great knowledge and enthusiasm.


Materials Detectives

Learning about the different properties of materials out and about our school and playground kept Year 6 occupied in our Science lesson today.  

Can you name these materials and describe their properties.  How many different objects can you name made from these materials?

Harvest Time For Gardening Group One

Thank you to all turning up and working so hard last night.  it was fun harvesting the fruits and seed pods of The ‘3 American Sisters’.  We were fascinated by the beautiful runner beans and the size some of these beans grew.  We definitely want to investigate if bigger seeds produce bigger plants and more beans next year.

Digging the plots and raking up many sacks of Autumn leaves was very rewarding too.