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Outdoor Fairytales

Growing a variety of grains and seeds in the garden and in pots in classrooms to make bowls of porridge, carriages fit for a princess, beanstalks to climb and loaves of bread for hens will be some of the outdoors challenges for RGB and RSS this year!

Let’s hope we have some crops to show the farmers when we welcome the National Farming Union ‘Discovery Barn’ and team back to school again in April.

Winter Peas, Beans and Oats

Sowing our winter seed and grain was our priority tonight. One last push to get all our plots prepared for growing these early crops. It will be very interesting to see how they cope over the winter months. Last year the bean seedling we planted in September did extremely well, flowering early spring and producing beans many months earlier than the beans planted in Spring.

We hope to continue the great work put into Gardening club last year and repeat the range of interesting fruit, vegetables and grains!


Harvest Time For Gardening Group One

Thank you to all turning up and working so hard last night.  it was fun harvesting the fruits and seed pods of The ‘3 American Sisters’.  We were fascinated by the beautiful runner beans and the size some of these beans grew.  We definitely want to investigate if bigger seeds produce bigger plants and more beans next year.

Digging the plots and raking up many sacks of Autumn leaves was very rewarding too.




Gardening Club 2017/18

Thank you to all those keen to sign up for another year of gardening.  All those returning a slip have been allocated their session.  A long wait for some, unfortunately, due to the high demand for limited places.  A waiting list will be in operation for any spaces that may arise throughout the year.  Please leave your name with the office staff if you are keen to join in.

The 2017/18 dates are as follows;

Term 2: Monday 6th November, 13th November, 20th November, 27th November & 4th December

Term 4: Monday 19th February, 26th February, 5th March, 12th March, 19th March & 26th March

Term5: Monday 23rd  April, 30th April, 14th May & 21st May

Term 6: Monday 11th June, 18th June, 25th June, 2nd July & 9th July.

We look forward to another year of exploring, experimenting, trialling and discovering old and new ways of growing a range of fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs and crops.

Feast Fun

At last our 11th annual Gardening Club feast day has arrived.  Our gardening year has just flown by and all our hard work of sowing seeds, watering plants, weeding and harvesting has finally ended with a lovely relaxing event.  Many thanks for all your contributions of delicious homemade cakes, fruit salads, biscuits and drinks.  We’ve had a very good year of discovering new skills, learning to grow new plants, particularly companion planting and learning traditional methods from ancient civilisations.  The African gkeyhole garden and growing the 3 American Sisiters has been particularly rewarding!  We look forward to exploring many more of these old tried and tested gardening methods next year.

Clearing Up

Everyone worked very hard tonight to prepare our gardens for our annual feast next week. We Can’t wait to harvest our beans and fruits and turn them into a tasty snack.

Miraculous roots. Searching for water and absorbing the nutrients from the soil. It’s very interesting comparing the different shapes and sizes in different plants.

Surveying the pond for living things.  The newts are in there somewhere! 

Gardening Team 4 Welcome Meryl

A great surprise visitor helped us get through a mountain of things to do tonight.  Meryl’s wealth of gardening experience really inspires us all.  From picking our beautiful strawberries and peas to weeding our 3 American Sisters (beans, sweetcorn and pumpkin) our first session of the term soon flew by.  

Meryl very kindly brought us along a very special Rose catalogue which we will use to pick a rambling rose to grow over our garden fence.  She taught us how to make a very good plant fertiliser from our comfrey plants and told us that Northamptonshire soil is perfect for roses because it’s got a lot of iron in it.  We also found out that dragonfly babies are called leatherbacks and eat many of our vegetable roots.

Planting lots of fragile and strongly scented basil seedlings around our tomatoes and sweetcorn plants was a very popular task.

Neat and Tidy

Week 2 found us spring cleaning the garden storage areas and weeding out plants that are taking over! 

Our plants need so much water to help them survive this heatwave.

Getting organised…

The Kamut wheat seeds are developing well.

Ash seeds are still on the tree from last Autumn.

Upgrading our bug hotel with some fresh straw. We wonder if that will attract any more living things?

Last year Mrs Smith’s pear tree produced its first 2 fruits. This year it looks so much more productive. young pears are appearing all over the branches. The insects have been very busy pollinators on the beautiful pear blossom we saw in Spring.