STEM Visitors

Food For Thought

Year 5 got a great opportunity to learn more about the research and development of cereal products today when a food technologist came along to share his experience and work as a project manager at Weetabix Ltd.

Inspired by the school’s recent plot of wheat and impressed by their thoughtful and imaginative ideas, the children were asked if they would be keen to try and grow some ancient grains for him next Spring.  Some of these varieties of grain are so old legend has it that they were found buried in the pyramids of some pharaohs!  How exciting to bring these seeds to life and see how they compare to our modern day varieties of wheat!  We look forward to the challenge…


Year 2 Are Fascinated By Toxicology

Thank you so much to toxicologist, Dr Garry Dix who recently visited Year 2 to share his enthusiasm for his scientific career.  Dr Garry’s fascinating talk included an overview of his work as a toxicologist working in the fragrance industry and his ground breaking research with blind people and their sense of smell.  Year 2 were particularly fascinated to learn more about how the body’s defence system reacts to allergens when they come into contact with the skin.  Dr Garry was very keen to answer the children’s questions which they previously emailed to him and offered a practical follow up session involving activities to encourage the children to work like real scientists.


We are very much looking forward to a possible follow up visit so we can work practically to develop our growing scientific enquiry skills and discover more about this fascinating topic.