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Sketching in The Sun and Sweeping Surveys at Newton Field Centre

What a  fantastic day at Newton Field Centre for some pioneering children from Year 5 and 6  today.  There were many environmental activities enjoyed by all today including; how to sample and survey the River Ise to measure the water quality, sweeping the Millrace grassland meadow for invertebrates and sketching the beautiful architechture and trees.

From early primary years to undergraduate course work, Newton Field Centre offers fantastic opportunities to research and learn more about the environment and natural world in a beautiful well managed nature reserve.  For more information on the courses and events offered by Newton Field Centre pleas click the website link below



Sheep’s Bit Scabious


Waiting patiently in the rain for unsuspecting prey! A Funnel Web Spider’s beautiful work of art.


Bullhead Fish. A small, strangely shaped fish, the bullhead (also known as the ‘miller’s thumb’) has a very large head, relatively large fins and a tapering body. It lives on the bottom of fast, stony rivers and streams feeding on invertebrates, such as mayfly and caddisfly larvae, and the eggs of other fish.


Damselfly Nymph – the aquatic stage in the life cycle of this beautiful invertebrate


A fully grown Damselfly


A Caddis Fly larvae – 10x magnification


Water Snail x10 magnification


A peaceful place to enjoy and sketch the beautiful surroundings

photo 1

Sweep samples of the Millrace grassland to find crickets, soldier flies, may flies, tree hoppers, grasshoppers, spiders and many more interesting invertebrates.

Finding the noisy crickets and grass hoppers was fun.  Did you know that a cricket has much longer antennae than a grasshopper!

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Kettering Cyclones Youth Cycling Club tackles The Tour De Buccleuch

In true Tour De France style the Cyclones celebrated the effort and skills of improving riders tonight with prizes of a green sprint jersey, a polka dot hat for the hill climb and yellow jersey for the Time Trial.

The marked athletics track proved to be as hit for racing around and the new gravel track entering the field proved to be quite  a challenge to several riders causing them to skid as they took the sharp corner!  A lot of learning about the different types of competitions and riding techniques was taken onboard  by all tonight

It was great to welcome some new Brambleside members tonight.  Places are still available for both sites.  Please contact lead coach Mark Evans on if you would like to join a session and view the Kettering Cycling Club calendar for our dates  and venues.

Making the steep gravel path look easy!

Making the steep gravel path look easy!

P1140452 P1140458 P1140459 P1140465 P1140474 P1140488

Celebrating Our 12th Annual Gardening Feast!

How time flies and how the gardening club has snowballed over the  years.  Thank you to everyone bringing along and sharing our garden feast.  The cakes, fruit, salads, biscuits and finally ice cream were very well received and looked fantastic! P1140413 P1140418 P1140419 P1140420 P1140421 P1140426 P1140428 P1140429 feast P1140436 P1140438 P1140441 P1140443 P1140445 P1140446 P1140447 P1140448 P1140449 Thankfully the rain held off and allowing us all to relax in the gardens and enjoy the fruits of  our  labour!

A Rainy Fete Day of Fun and Fundraising

Despite the rainy downpours stall holders, children, staff  and visiters were still determine to soldier on and have a great time at their annual Summer Fete today.

A huge thank you to the Friends of Brambleside for organising such a fun filled day.  Children performed a range of songs and dances to entertain the crowds throughout the day.  Those in Foundation Stage wearing pirate costumes, waterproof jackets and goggles were particularly well prepared for the rain!


Beanbag Recycling – Learning the 3 R’s through play – MP for Kettering, Phillip Hollobone, and Becky from Northamptoshire Energy and Waste Education Team


Finding buried treasure, pinning bees on a flower and a collar on Kayleigh – all good fun to raise funds for The Pets As Therapy Organisation


Pinning the collar on Kayleigh


Vickie and reading dog Kayleigh enjoy the brief moments of sun !


The fantastic Year 5 fundraisers who designed and delivered great table top games for the school eco-stalls


Bring it Down!– Year 5 Become Energy Detectives

Monitoring our school energy data and thinking of ways of bringing it down to reduce our Carbon emissions and save the school money. Year 5 enjoyed using Northamptonshire County Council System Link software on their laptops to look at last month’s energy readings, We were all very motivated by the findings… P1140338 P1140341 P1140348 P1140350 P1140351This lesson has taught us to keep a closer eye on our energy use.  To turn appliances OFF completely when they are not being used and think twice about using them at if there is another way that is free from burning fuel! We can all monitor our energy graphs from our home energy providers to challenge ourselves to drive the graphs downwards to save lots of money and  be kinder to the environment by reducing our carbon emissions.  Monitoring our graphs really does pay! carbon emissions

What a Team!

A huge thank you to all working miracles in the Northamptonshire Community Payback Team at school today.  In only one day several garden plots were cleared of tangled weeds, the big compost bin was rejuvenated with all the old branches and non-organic material removed, our unsightly herb wheel was emptied and removed and last but not least our concrete ‘eco’ bins filled with soil to be used to grow a range of fruit, trees and shrubs.

IMG_0770 IMG_0771 IMG_0775 IMG_0776 IMG_0779

The Community Payback team have been a great support to developing our school grounds over the years.   Numerous payback volunteers have constructed many growing plots, created the story den areas  and maintained our landscaped gardens at the front of the school by keeping them weed free and tidy.