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Keep Kettering Clean

Kettering Borough Council and The Eco team from Brambleside Community Primary School are very keen to be running more Community Litter Pick events this year following the success of previous ones.  Dates have been set for March, June and September next year.  More details to follow nearer the time.


Children’s art on our local bins – our eco dream to spread our messages and information about litter, lost dogs, keeping our streets free from dog waste, pet’s blood bank, The Guide Dog Association, micro-chipping…..

P1000855We will be inviting children along with parents, siblings, grandparents, neighbours on a Saturday morning for an hour to assist in keeping our local area clean and tidy. We really hope that members of the public will make a little spare time to support our local Council in their mission to keep our streets and parks clean and tidy.

Kettering Borough Council will be providing litter pickers and rubbish bags and will also be assisting in all of our school Eco team events..

Evelyn Clawson & Amanda McDade

Eco-coordinator & Kettering Borough Council  Environmental Care Services

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Meeting our Morrrison’s Deadline!

The eco team raced against the clock  counting the piles of vouchers kindly donated to the school to meet our looming deadline of the 1st December to submit our Morrison’s vouchers.  We are so grateful for this source of help as it enables us to purchase more valuable tools and information posters and guides for our outdoors curriculum.

P1100031 P1100032

Brilliant Botanical Bottles!

Learning the water cycle with a bottle garden is a very enjoyable learning experience.  Using their bottle gardens the Year 4’s are now able to describe the 4 stages of the water cycle (evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection) and enjoy observing their plants grow at the same time!


Water vapour condensing on the bottle’s cold surface. Water collects in the soil then evaporates as the temperature rises when heat is tapped inside the bottle. The higher the temperature the greater the rate of evaporation.


Water vapour is also released from the plant through a process called transpiration.

P1100007 P1100009

Winter Weather

The weather instruments have arrived just in time to stasrt recording the drop in temperature that we are experiencing lately.  Children noticed that the ice in the pots and frost on the ground all signs that the winter is finally here.

P1080966 P1080967 P1080988 P1080989 P1080992


Fractions with the birds

The Brambleside birds were more than happy with today’s outdoors lesson on fractions.  Children enjoyed demonstrating their knowledge of fractions when sharing out the seed between the many feeders scattered all over our trees.  Although the birds were far too hungry to notice that 5/10, 4/8 and 3/6 were all aequivalent to a half!

P1080993 P1080995 P1080997 P1080999

Eco Christmas Crafts

Sallie and David from The Northamptonshire Waste Education Team have inspired Year 2 to transform old cerael boxes into very eye catching decorations for their Christmas trees…

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Free Cycling For All – Skills, Fun and Fitness with Kettering Cycling Club

Yesterday’s first event at Brambleside got off to an encouraging start with enthusiastic cyclists very keen to learn more about gears, cornering and learning how to approach logs and trees for future competitions and everyday cycling for those that like riding through the woods!

More details of our British Cycling Go-Ride (traffic free – on playing fields) can be found on the Kettering Cycling Club website


The Hawthorn School Giraffe’s big Day out – spread the word George!


Mounting and Dismounting – important skills for negotiating trees!


Practtising gears, braking and cornering. Taking corners slowly and using brakes gently was essential for safe cycling.

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