Monthly Archives: July 2017

Meccano Models

The last year 6 Science lesson of the year was a circus of all our favourite activities including the much sought after meccano kits to brush up our engineering skills.  Completing our farming magazine activities, making working circuits and sketching our plants outside the classroom were also very popular! 

Feast Fun

At last our 11th annual Gardening Club feast day has arrived.  Our gardening year has just flown by and all our hard work of sowing seeds, watering plants, weeding and harvesting has finally ended with a lovely relaxing event.  Many thanks for all your contributions of delicious homemade cakes, fruit salads, biscuits and drinks.  We’ve had a very good year of discovering new skills, learning to grow new plants, particularly companion planting and learning traditional methods from ancient civilisations.  The African gkeyhole garden and growing the 3 American Sisiters has been particularly rewarding!  We look forward to exploring many more of these old tried and tested gardening methods next year.

Clearing Up

Everyone worked very hard tonight to prepare our gardens for our annual feast next week. We Can’t wait to harvest our beans and fruits and turn them into a tasty snack.

Miraculous roots. Searching for water and absorbing the nutrients from the soil. It’s very interesting comparing the different shapes and sizes in different plants.

Surveying the pond for living things.  The newts are in there somewhere!