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Getting Into Gear


Selecting gears to suit the gradient

Eleven eager young cyclists keen to learn more about using and applying their gears were not disappointed when they turned up to the club’s youth Go-Ride session at Buccleuch Academy last night. The conditions were perfect for the hilly climbs and descents planned to test gear selection and riding technique. Get it wrong and pay the price!
By the end of the session everyone clearly had improved as they swerved and weaved with speed around the cones and poles like professionals!


Coaches getting the cones right!


Learning how to shift gears smoothly


On the starting line…


The Tiny Tadpoles Are Growing Up

The tiny tadpoles are getting ready for their next step – growing their back legs!  Lots of children have been wondering where the water has gone and why the stones have appeared. Time will soon tell why…

P1130035 P1130039 P1130041 P1130042 P1130043 P1130075 P1130115 P1130120 P1130121

Opening The Charity Bottle For Bungoma

Since receiving the charity bottle from Bob and The Guide Dog appeal back in December 2014 (when we raised enough money to sponsor 3 beautiful guide dog pups;  Star, Lucky and Dasher) all proceeds from the latest recycled uniform stall fund have been going towards the Bungoma school uniform fund.  The eco team were delighted to announce today that £65 has been raised for this great cause.


The Eco team enjoying their weekly meeting swamped in Summer Blossom!


Counting the pennies for Bungoma


Delighted to share the news that we have raised £65 since Christmas to help some of the children in Bungoma to go to school.


The Eco team in action – enjoying working together, thinking of others, doing their best to help nature and charitable causes in their weekly lunch break meetings.


Pressing deadlines! Its a rush to write up the breaking news about the Bungoma fundraiser to meet the Brambleside Bugle hits the press before the holidays! Will they make it in time?

Picture Perfect


Make a wish! A dandelion clock full of seeds ready to pioneer new ground. ‘1 year seed 7 years weed.’

P1130242 P1130241 P1130240 P1130239 P1130237

Crocodile Clips


Learning the international symbols to represent the components


Researching the work of scientists famous for their work on electricity.


15 wires and the brightness of the bulb was not affected by the distance. Children discovered that its the thickness of the filament is the part in the circuit which affects the electrical current , slowing it down and converting the energy to heat and light.

What is an electrical component?  How do I draw a diagram of my working circuit?  What is electricity and who discovered how to generate it?  Does the number of wires affect the brightness of a bulb?  These were just some of the questions Aspen class enjoyed researching and discovering today… P1130211 P1130212


Beech Class discovering the maximun number of fans that can run on 3 volts. What’s your prediction?


Sharing our learning and exciting discoveries in the Studio. Beech Class enjoyed drawing the detailed circuit diagrams of each others working circuits.

Term 5 Gardening Round Up

Wow! What a difference a term makes!  The fantastic 6 year olds that make up Term 5 gardening club have really made a huge difference to the school garden.

P1130232 P1130235 P1130228 P1130227 P1130225 P1130224 P1130223

Tomatoes, potatoes, sunflowers and beans have all been planted up.  The weeds have been hoed and plots dug over ready for the classes to use. It really has been a very busy and rewarding term in the garden.

We look forward to eating the fruits of all this hard work on feast day at the end of the Summer Term.

Energy Detectives

Year 6 were given access to a new website today which allows them to look at all the energy data for our school and gas use were.  Graphs which show our electricity of particular interest  as they are thinking of ways we can bring the costs of our fuel bills down. Some children have been researching information from family and friends about solar power.