Open Evening Science

A big thank you to all those turning up to welcome our visitors and show what you know.  Other subjects included English, Maths, ICT and PE. 

Lots of ideas, enthusiasm and practical activity to demonstrate how and what you enjoy learning at school. 

A blast from the past. Learning about gears, pulleys and levers is child’s play with these Meccano kits from the 1980’s!

It is amazing to discover that a triple pulley needs 10 times LESS force than a single one to lift an equal mass. Multiple pulleys really do multiply force! How many examples of pulleys can you find in everyday life to make heavy objects easy to lift?

20 weights were needed to move the single pulley compared with only 2 on the triple pulley

Comparing big and small gears. How many times do you have to turn the crank to make the wheel go around?

A Clockwork turbine helps us to learn more about the useful role of springs and pulleys

Learning to identify trees using these child friendly storybooks becomes fun and memorable. Well illustrated, fact filled and memorable. More about them on

Close observation of our school garden produce using our laptop, iPad and traditional microscope really helps to make the pumpkins, beans and Apple leaves larger than life!

Nuts, bolts, axles, wheels, cogs, brackets, girders….

Exploring and explaining gears, pulleys and clockwork mechanisms

Measuring our plants at last. The oldest, grown in sand are now 35 days old and the field beans are around 40cm tall! Entering the data into our spreadsheet to draw charts and graphs will really help us to identify trends and patterns to help answer our questions. Does soil type matter to crops?

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