Sketching in The Sun and Sweeping Surveys at Newton Field Centre

What a  fantastic day at Newton Field Centre for some pioneering children from Year 5 and 6  today.  There were many environmental activities enjoyed by all today including; how to sample and survey the River Ise to measure the water quality, sweeping the Millrace grassland meadow for invertebrates and sketching the beautiful architechture and trees.

From early primary years to undergraduate course work, Newton Field Centre offers fantastic opportunities to research and learn more about the environment and natural world in a beautiful well managed nature reserve.  For more information on the courses and events offered by Newton Field Centre pleas click the website link below



Sheep’s Bit Scabious


Waiting patiently in the rain for unsuspecting prey! A Funnel Web Spider’s beautiful work of art.


Bullhead Fish. A small, strangely shaped fish, the bullhead (also known as the ‘miller’s thumb’) has a very large head, relatively large fins and a tapering body. It lives on the bottom of fast, stony rivers and streams feeding on invertebrates, such as mayfly and caddisfly larvae, and the eggs of other fish.


Damselfly Nymph – the aquatic stage in the life cycle of this beautiful invertebrate


A fully grown Damselfly


A Caddis Fly larvae – 10x magnification


Water Snail x10 magnification


A peaceful place to enjoy and sketch the beautiful surroundings

photo 1

Sweep samples of the Millrace grassland to find crickets, soldier flies, may flies, tree hoppers, grasshoppers, spiders and many more interesting invertebrates.

Finding the noisy crickets and grass hoppers was fun.  Did you know that a cricket has much longer antennae than a grasshopper!

P1140529 P1140546 P1140549 P1140556 P1140573 P1140574 P1140579 P1140594 P1140599 P1140603 P1140613 P1140621photo 3 (1)photo 3image9image13image1image8image13image15image18image8image12image15

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